About Us

Welcome to Lingerie Solutions.com, your online source for intimate apparel and accessories from Fashion Forms™

We carry the complete line of Fashion Forms™ bras, adhesive bras, external silicones and accessories. Creativity and innovation is used to deliver the newest and the best non-surgical, breast enhancing bras and bra accessories for special occasion fashions and everyday wear.

We have many products that are supportive to women post mastectomy or lumpectomy or with breast asymmetry, such as The Original Water Push Up Bra™, Water Wear™ Push Up Pads, Half & Half Shaping Pads, Enhancers, and Silicone Push Ups.

Founder and CEO of Fashion Forms™, Ann Deal says, “It’s so exciting to be involved in the development of new shapes and items that women need but were never before available. My life’s work is to help women look and feel shapelier, sexier, and more physically free. One woman wrote that our ‘Breast Petals’ changed her life! I loved hearing that!”

Our goal is to provide you with extraordinary customer service and we are committed to continually deliver innovative bras and accessories for women’s changing needs and desires.

We are here to assist and answer your questions!


Tel: 888-530-2727